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  Story Launch Media is an educational "platform" upon which people are encouraged to identify the stories of their lives and launch them into the world for the benefit and entertainment of many generations. It offers writing and public speaking classes, live events and digital media publishing services.

Kris Parfitt Travers on Mount Rainier, April 2019.

  Story Launch Media was conceived in 2016 by Kris Parfitt Travers when she was her grandmother's guardian on an Honor Flight visit to Washington, D.C. She had the opportunity to listen to 24 World War II veterans share stories of their service during the war. Kris was profoundly aware that for many of these veterans it could be the last time they share their stories, and for some, it was the first.


  Kris saw a need to capture the stories of all generations with the intention of launching them into society through social, audial, and printed media. She wants to create an organization that generates a tsunami of inspiration and courage, where all people who participate will experience their greatness being acknowledged and expressed, which in turn will inspire the greatness in others being acknowledged and expressed.


  Thus, the genesis of Story Launch Media.


  • Express your greatness by attending the upcoming

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